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  Achieve Greatness

  Rise to the Challenge

  Strive for Progress
        not Perfection

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Citizens of the Month

Antonio Macias, Rolando Anguiano, Dorothy Dahle, Haylie Nelson
Austin Jensen, Xylie Escalante, Dochia Hunt

Congratulations to our March Citizens of the Month. These students are recognized for demonstrating good citizenship by having a positive attitude and seeing the best in others.  We love their optimistic attitudes!  They are great examples to the staff and students at Book Cliff Elementary.


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Parent Tips

10 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Learn

1.  Help your child to learn more about subjects that interest them.
2.  Watch educational videos together and talk about them afterwards.
3.  Help your child use learning resources at the library and on the internet.  
4.  Keep track of your child's goals and their efforts to achieve them.
5.  Visit museums.
6.  Have a study schedule and routine at home.
7.  Make time to talk to your child and really listen to them.
8.  Encourage your child to read.
9.  Enroll your child in clubs and sports to broaden opportunities.
10.  Praise your child often and acknowledge their efforts, not just results.